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The Founder’s Story

by Sarah Martin McConnell

2005 – Hurricane Katrina Spawns Music for Seniors

After hours of anxious waiting, when we finally make contact with our family on the Mississippi Gulf Coast the day after Katrina hits, my sister Priscilla’s plea is frantic. “You have to come get Mom,” she tells me. “It’s chaos here. There’s no water, no electricity. And it’s so hot. It’s miserable.”

 Miraculously, my mother’s house in Moss Point, a small community situated just behind Pascagoula and several miles inland from the Mississippi Sound, is unharmed by the storm. She has lost lots of tree limbs, a few shingles and some window screens, but holed up there on high ground, she, my sister’s family and two other families weather the storm Sunday night and Monday morning.

Sarah Martin McConnell

Sarah Martin McConnell

My mother has recently been diagnosed with mid-stage Alzheimer’s. We are acutely aware of how devastating such